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Creating subtitles can be difficult. They should be legible and elegant, but also make sure they match the tone of your project.

If you're looking for new subtitle fonts, look no further! We've rounded up 21 of the best fonts for creating subtitles so you can add some sparkle to your next project. Check it out below.

Why are subtitles necessary?

If you've ever watched a foreign film or TV show, you know how important subtitles can be. Not only do they provide a translation of the dialogue, but they also help convey the emotion and tone of the scene.

Lettering fonts can also be used to create a sense of rhythm and timing, making them an important tool for conveying meaning.

In addition, subtitle fonts can be used to make the text easier to read or to highlight important information.

Whether you're watching a movie, social media videos, or reading a book, closed captions can be an integral part of the viewing experience.

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How to use subtitle fonts correctly

There are a few things to consider when choosing fonts for subtitles:

1. Choose the right font

First must be the sourceNaturallymieasy to read. This is especially important when the video is being shown in a foreign language, as viewers need to read the subtitles quickly and accurately.

Second, the source must be goodContrastagainst the background, making it easy to see even in dimly lit movie theaters.

The subtitle fonts you choose can also add personality to your project. for example oneserif fontcan convey a sense of warmth, tradition and sophistication, while asans serifThe caption can be seen as modern, modern and stylish.

With these criteria in mind, you can choose subtitle fonts that will help improve everyone's viewing experience.

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2. Choose the right position

The position of the title on the page or screen can also affect its meaning. A centered label can be considered stable and reliable, while one placed on the side can be dynamic and exciting.

By carefully choosing the right font and placement, you can ensure your message is conveyed clearly and effectively.

Also, consider how the background will affect your desired placement. You don't want the caption text to be on an extremely cluttered background.

3. Choose the right size

If they're too small, they're hard to read; if they're too big, they'll dominate the screen and be a distraction. So what's the secret to using subtitle fonts effectively?

The key is to find a balance between size and readability. It also means avoiding fancy fonts or anything with fine or decorative detail that might be difficult to read at a small size.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure your captions are legible and unobtrusive.

The best sources for subtitles

With so many sources available online, it can seem overwhelming to find the best subtitle source for your needs. To help you sift through the many options, we've rounded up 21 fonts that meet the criteria for the best subtitle fonts. From classic serifs to modern serifs, there's a font on this list perfect for any project. So go ahead and choose your favourite!


If you're looking for a classic-style subtitle font that you probably already have on your computer, Arial is your best bet. This sans serif font was originally designed by Robin Nicholas80erand has since become a popular typeface for its simplicity and ease of reading.

This font is also available in Arial Black, but it might not be the best option for longer subtitles. Opt for Arial or Arial Bold instead.


Along with Times New Roman, Helvetica is one of the most widely used typefaces of all time. It ended up being invented.'50 yearsand is loved for its versatility. This sans serif font can give your subheadings a strong, modern feel.

Helvetica is available in a variety of fonts and styles, from thin to narrow, round and italic. But the original classic version of the font (and perhaps the bold version) would produce the most legible captions.


Verdana was the first font designed to solve computer pixel alignment problems. As a result, it plays very well at smaller sizes, making it a perfect subtitle source. It's also much newer than Arial and Times New Roman since it was created in 1996, so it has a more modern aesthetic.

That being said, it was created with the main goal of looking good in a small size, so all the extra details have been removed. If you're looking for something with more character, look elsewhere.


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Designed by Christian Robertson, Roboto is a solid choice for your video project. You might even recognize it as the default source for YouTube and Google subtitles.

It comes in a dozen styles, but the Regular and Medium styles work best for high-quality subtitles. Roboto has a distinctly mechanical and geometric structure that makes it a popular choice among designers.

To bury

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Inter is another modern sans serif font designed specifically for computer screens, making it another good choice for captioning video content. The tall x-height of this font makes it easy to read even at smaller sizes.

Inter comes in a variety of widths, from thin to black, but we recommend using the Regular, Medium, and SemiBold styles for your video subtitles.

short Bengali

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If you've been waiting for a robust serif font for your video subtitles, we haven't forgotten you! Tiro Bangla was inspired by literary publishing but developed with the needs of digital publishing in mind.

Serif fonts have the effect of making your work sophisticated and warm. However, they are better suited for shorter sentence subheadings, since the extra flourishes make the typeface less legible.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (7)

page has a halfroundedConsider it, which gives it an aesthetic of softness and warmth combined with the stability of a modern sans serif typeface. It's a good choice for video subtitles if you're looking for a reputable, easy-to-use source.

Lato comes in a variety of styles, from thin to black to italic. As with most of the fonts on this list, we recommend choosing regular and possibly bold versions for your subtitles. If you use the Black style, the spacing between the letters is too small, making the labels harder to read.

protection without

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If Open Sans looks familiar, that's because it's the default font for many popular websites, including some of Google's. It has friendly, neutral vertical letterforms and excellent legibility - all the qualities you want in your subtitle font.

Although available in a variety of options, the Open Sans Regular, Medium, and SemiBold styles work best for your subtitles.

full grain

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Vollkorn means "whole grain" in German and this font is intended to be a versatile font that can do everything: continuous text,Halter, and yes, even subtitles.

It's a good title choice because it's a serif font, as it has "fleshy" serifs and there isn't much of a contrast between thick and thin. We recommend avoiding using black and italic styles for your subtitles.

fan wood

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Fanwood is another option for serif fonts. This font is specially designed to be readable on digital devices and cell phone screens, making it a good choice for your subtitles.

However, as with the other serif fonts, limit yourself to shorter subtitles and leave them on screen longer than sans serif subtitles.


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Visby is a modern geometric sans serif typeface. The designer says he was inspired by the beauty and fresh air of the arctic. This inspiration is evident in the hard lines, sharp edges and soft curves of the letters. Though inspired by the arctic, it has a warm and friendly vibe to it.

Visby comes in eight weights, but you should avoid using the thinner, bolder versions for your subtitles.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (12)

Here's a bold, crisp, and clean sans serif option with a mid-century modern vibe. If you're looking for a solid structure, precise kerning, and a touch of retro aesthetic, give this font a try.

Articulat comes in ten different strengths, so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your audience.

cliff grey

21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (13)

Here's a geometric sans serif that combines classic construction and stability with smooth edges. It could be the perfect combination of hard and soft, straight and curved, modern and classic.

Greycliff is available in nine weights with corresponding slashes, but you should avoid the lightest and heaviest weights for video subtitle selections.

RNS Miles

21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (14)

First and foremost, high-quality subtitles must be easy to read. RNS Miles is specially designed for headings, headings and subheadings, with readability being one of its main features.

Begeometricsans combines low-contrast shapes with smooth curves to create a modern, user-friendly and legible option for your captions.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (15)

Here's another modern sans with geometric accents - a perfect choice for soft caption fonts. Characterized by sharp straight lines and ultra-rounded lowercase letters, Gilroy is simple yet artistic. It can look retro or futuristic. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for designers.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (16)

If you're working on a sci-fi project that uses a modern sans serif with aminimalisticAtmosphere, look at Stark. This font has a unique personality while still being readable, which we've already shown to be the most important feature in subtitles. Stark is available in five weights and five italics. Depending on the background color of the video and the color of the subtitles, any of the available weights could be a candidate.


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New, modern, clean, above all very legible. Preface is a simple sans serif font family perfect for a standard legend. It comes in three strengths, each of which would suit a legend depending on where and how you use it.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (18)

Alyssum is a beautiful geometric sans serif with a minimalist style andfeminineesthetic. However, be careful to only use these with short sentences and subheadings, as the font is only available in uppercase and will display better at a larger size than most subheadings.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (19)

If you've been waiting for a sans serif option with a touch of class, you've found it. Cansu has a contemporary, feminine and elegant vibe. It comes in five different styles: Light, Normal, Round, Bold, and Outline. We don't recommend using thoseOutlineversion for your subtitles, but the other styles are fine.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (20)

Classic and timeless are two words used by the typeface designer to describe Gilsock. Maybe it's because it has a retro style. The font is also versatile, bold, geometric and perfect for captions with a unique look.


21 Best Fonts for Subtitles - Vandelay Design (21)

Adon is another great option for your subtitles, especially if you're looking for something with a different look. It has a formal feel, a bit compressed but pleasing to the eye. It's not casual, but it feels friendly. Adon is available in Regular, Fine, Bold, and Extra Bold weights, and all are suitable for subtitles.

Use these subtitle sources

Now that you have some tips and some great fonts to work with, it's time to create compelling captions. Remember to choose the right font for the tone of your project and use it in the right position and size. With these tips, you'll be sure to create elegant, easy-to-read captions. Start experimenting with different fonts today and see which one works best for your next project!

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