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the temperature is rising
My heartbeat quickens, my breathing is controlled, my senses as bright as a mother to her young. I've known this feeling before, when the doors open, I'll remember the beginning. Waiting, dreaming, imagining the endless possibilities of shared moments while giving in to my desires. My body reacts, has a mind of its own, leaves little clues, but I keep going.
Prepared and professional, I cross my origin, the passion that awaits him stirs like a slow fire. The sweet smell, a gift made just for him I know he'll appreciate, the hunger in his eyes, his mouth soft and strong, it only took me a moment to keep looking at him. I didn't even recognize my sound because I was alone in a sphere. I was hoping and wondering, but my mind was dazzled like sweet chocolate after a meal. —MEIN. ghost writer

I've wondered before, I even felt some very strong thrusts, but this was the first time I really thought about kissing her, now, as if I could taste her lips, breathe her skin next to hers. Neck, feeling the curves of her body against mine as I laid her down on the sand, my fingers tangled in her soft blonde hair, slipping under her clothes...ofelia london

It's true that I don't like fire. But Leo Valdez's flames aren't strong enough to worry about."
Somewhere behind Hazel, a soft, lyrical voice said, "What about my llamas, old friend?"
"You," he said from Percy's mouth.
"Me," Hecate agreed. "It's been millennia since I've fought alongside a demigod. What are you saying? Let's play with fire?"Rick Riordan

Loneliness has soft and silky hands, but with strong fingers it grips the heart and makes it ache with pain. —Kahlil Gibran

Michael sat behind her. He put his strong legs on either side of her and pulled her to him. "Just wait". She wanted to resist his embrace, but she was too cold to fight him. "For what?" He put his arms around her. "For tomorrow". "I might have expected that at the cabin." He chuckled against her hair. He picked her up and kissed her neck. "You can't understand until you see it from here." He stroked the soft skin under her ear. She shivered slightly. "Get some sleep if you like." He pulled her closer. I wake you up on time. He wasn't tired after the long walk. "Do you do this often?" "Not often enough. -french rivers

Will started to sit up, moving away from the bed. And as he did, he felt something tighten around his wrist. She looked down and saw Jem's hand forming a bracelet with hers. For a moment, he was too shocked to do anything but watch.
“I'm not dead yet, Will,” Jem said in a soft voice, thin but strong as wire. "What did Magnus mean by asking if he knew you were in love with Tessa?Kassandra Clara

The thundering line of battle stands, And in the air death groans and sings: But the day will grasp them in strong hands, And the night will envelop them in soft wings. —Julian Grenfell

The water is liquid, soft and productive. But the water will erode the rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a general rule, anything fluid, soft, and flexible trumps anything rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong. —Lao-Tse

The spirit of our day is a gentle acceptance of everything, but a deep conviction of everything. Previously, the call was for "tolerance", by which we meant: "We have very strong differences, but we will not allow this to be a reason for hatred or violence between us". agree to enjoy the world as much as possible. But truth is not like belief. Belief may be a matter of personal opinion, but the truth is like a great mountain, solid and immovable, whether we like it or acknowledge it. —Juan Eldredge

Between Antonia and her lady [Mrs. Harling]. Both had strong and independent natures. They knew what they liked and didn't always try to imitate other people. They loved children, animals, music, horse games and digging in the dirt. They enjoyed cooking rich, wholesome food and watching people eat; make soft white beds and watch the boys sleep in them. They mocked the conceited and rushed to help the unfortunate. In each of them there was a kind of sincere joy, a joie de vivre, not very delicate but very invigorating. I never tried to define it, but I was well aware of it. She couldn't imagine Antonia living in Black Hawk in a house other than the Harlings' for a week. —Willa Kather

Of course, one day we will defeat the tyrants. It's practically inevitable. You cannot rule forever. No one can. They become soft and lazy. They will marry and lose much of their separate traditions. You will corrupt. but can
take centuries, because history is in no hurry. And when these centuries are over, we will remain agrarian worlds without any industrial or scientific heritage worth mentioning, while our neighbors on all sides, not under tyrannical control, will be strong and urbanized. The realms will forever remain semi-colonial territories. They will never catch up and we will just be spectators in the great drama of human progress. —Isaac asimov

Women can be strong, Colum. Very strong when they have to be or when forced to. On the outside we are like little rose petals, all soft and sweet, but on the inside we are often made of something much harder, because we have to be...karolina braun

Packard approaches without warning
I think he's going to touch my cheek, but he wraps his hand around my neck and pulls me close, kissing me hot and hard, lips soft, breath like coffee. The kiss surprises me. My whole body wants to follow him deeper, but he pulls away and we look into each other's eyes and the moment is over. And everything seems to fall below me.
"Good luck," he whispers.
He opens the door. "In order."
I look at the open door. It looks like a closed door. and I will go -carolyn kran

She's strong," he told his mother. "She'll be fine."

"Even strong people need help." Wilma said this in a soft but firm tone that she couldn't contradict. —Brenda Minton

His mouth conquered hers with a strong, soft heat and Celine discovered something much more sexual than this man's voice or body. her kiss never had the opportunity to think of a protest. think of everything. They had kissed her before, but never like this. It wasn't weird, provocative, powerful or overwhelming, but long, slow, confident and devastating. It was as if he was bringing them together and deftly drawing her soul into his. —Shelly Thacker

A hadith in Sahih Muslim says: "Allah does not look at your appearance or your wealth, but at your heart and your actions" (n.2654)."

These verses put the whole clothing issue in a different perspective: one that reminds believers not to forget that what matters to Allah is their piety. This message is a powerful antidote to the materialistic culture of capitalism, which firmly entrenches success in the material world and teaches people to be slaves to their desires and make pleasure their ultimate goal ("Obey your thirst", proclaims a commercial for refreshment). ). Teenagers in the West can be killed for their Nike sneakers, an indication of how much capitalism has corrupted the human soul. —Catarina Bullock

She had a decision to make when her husband said something uncomfortable. More precisely: be cruel, be strong or sullen. "Be cruel" reacting to something uncomfortable. "Be strong" by choosing not to care. But for this you have to spend a little of your love. You have to cut enough love to forgive. After a while, the piece may grow back, but sometimes it doesn't. And when you scrape off all the smooth curves, what's left is sharp love. "Mamudo" by sulking. Pouting is simply postponing the decision to be cruel or strong. —Jaclyn Moriarty

Oh no,” she says. Soft because I'm the oldest, but very strong, so they temper their steel ice and stare an inch from you for a long time. Did you notice?) In -gnade paley

Although he was gentle and kind, his thoughts were as strong as steel. —Lower Mridha

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (20)

Although the president leads potential opponents in nearly every state, his support is weak. You are seen as honest, genuine, fair, and kind, but receive mediocre or relatively low marks for being a competent, strong, intelligent, and powerful leader. —Wipe roberto

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Strong is within, a root that will sustain you no matter what. But the hard part is just the outside, that shield you put up to keep all the pain from showing inside. The soft interior is still there, even if you don't allow yourself to see it. And the shell protects you, but it also keeps the good stuff out; love, trust and joy. —Elisabeth Joy Arnold

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I'm from... I'm from Wales, and it's a wild, wild society. We were at war and everything. People didn't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. You had to move on. So my creed is to keep going. I don't waste time being soft. I'm not cold, but I don't waste time - life is too short. —Anthony Hopkins

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Did my father love my mother? He never spoke about her. I always envisioned a traditional marriage between them, built with the strong bones of respect but without the soft skin of love. —the honey man's house

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How strange to wake up on a white, cloudy June morning! The sun is obscured by a thick layer of cotton wool clouds, and the air is muggy and misty with a concentration of floral scents.
The world is sleepy and cold, on a temporary break from normal heat and brightness.
But the sense of illusion is strong. Because the sun can break through the clouds at any time...
What a gentle and thoughtful moment.
In this elusive twilight, like a flower blooming at night, let your imagination bloom in a riot of colors. —Vera Nazarian

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She came after him naked as the music's soft, wistful longing filled the darkness. His hand stroked her hair and pulled it to the back of her neck. She rocked and he felt her pressed against her back, her breasts now soft and supple and warm through his shirt, her breath tickling his ear. Her hand landed briefly on her shoulder, then slipped inside his shirt, cool fingers on his chest. He could feel the hot, hard metal of her ring against her skin, and he felt a wave of possession pulse through him like a shot of whiskey, the heat coursing through her flesh. He wanted to turn and grab her, but he stifled the urge and anticipation built. He bent his head closer to the strings and sang until all thoughts left him and nothing was left but her body and hers. She couldn't have said it when his hand closed around her frets and he rose and turned to her, still filled with the music and her love, soft and strong and pure in the dark. —Diana Gabaldon

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These times are tough, but I won't make you tired, darker, different. I feel. I cry to heal. If you saw me in those moments, you might think I was a mess. But I don't call it a disaster. I call it strength.

True strength is not in building walls. True strength lies in keeping an open mind, come what may. It's about taking life, with all the joys that fade and all the pain that lasts too long, and not switching off, not switching off, not building these walls.

Resilience is not hard, impenetrable, iron. Resilience is flexible, soft, warm.

Hold tight. The real kind of strong. Don't let your automatic mental reflexes make you jump from pain to pleasure. Make decisions. see clearly. And never, never stop feeling.

Don't go deaf. The world, for all its horrors, is too beautiful to forget. —Vironika Tugaleva

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Water is fluid, soft and flexible, but water will erode rock that is rigid and cannot yield... what is soft is strong. —Lao-Tse

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Rhys threw his arms around his twin, held him, held him. "He is my mate, brother. I could not kill him. I feel a strong connection with him.”
"Stronger than ours?" asked Ceri as she hugged Rhys.
"NO." Rhys shook his head. "Not stronger. Same but not stronger."
Rhys felt Ceri's lips on his cheek. His twin gave him a soft kiss and then turned his head. "Thanks for the nice lie," he said just before he bit down on Rhy's neck, nearly ripping his throat out. —Lynn Hagen

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He knows I have a crush on RLS, and not just because he was sick or because we have the same initials, but because there's something incredibly romantic about him and because before he started writing Treasure Island, he first drew a map of an unknown island because he believed in invisible places and was one of the last writers to know what the word adventure means. I could give you a hundred reasons why RLS is the man. See his book The Art of Writing (Book 683, Chatto & Windus, London), where he says that no living person had as powerful an influence on him as Hamlet or Rosalind. Or when he says his best friend is D'Artagnan from The Three Musketeers (Book 5, Regent Classics, London). RLS said, "When I suffer in spirit, stories are my refuge, I take them like opium." And when you read Treasure Island, you feel like you're falling apart. And that. You abandon and leave behind the common boredom of the world. —niall williams

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The beauty of it If all I have is now, where will I look for joy? With no hope for the future, no hope for things to change, no hope for finding what was lost and no hope for restoring the past only at the risk of breaking everything that hardened inside me, what can I do with what I have ? This may seem scary or sad at first, but when a tired swimmer comes ashore unannounced and finds beads on his legs, I keep lifting my weary head to realize that everything I need is right where I am. But as a human I get lost and dream of other lives besides mine and soon find myself wanting something else, another place, another person; busy imagining something unattainable to strive for. This leads me to say that when you are unhappy or in pain, nothing can remove those surfaces. But acceptance and a strong heart will crack them like a shell, revealing a softness that was always there, revealing something soft waiting to take shape. seem. I think it's the one spirit we all share. —Marco Nepo

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Do you think history is the story of loving hearts? Nonsense! Look at those millions of dead. Can you pity her, pity her? there's nothing you can do! There were many. We reduce them to ashes, bury them with bulldozers. History is the history of cruelty, not of love as weak men think. We try all human abilities to see which are strong and admirable, and show that none exist. There is only practicality. If the old god exists, he must be a murderer. But the only true god is death. That's it, no crazy illustrations. —Saulo Bellow

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nothing under the sky
it is as productive as water.
And even when someone attacks the hard,
the unbreakable,
nothing can surpass it.
Nothing can take its place.
The weak defeat the strong
the soft trumps the hard.
There is no one in the whole world
Who doesn't know that,
but no one can master the practice. —Lao-Tse

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I will be the woman I wanted
gray at the temples,
soft enchanted body,
ripped from life
with a laugh that tastes bitter
But after that it got better.
You know you're a survivor
whatever happens,
she can survive.
I become a deep
worn basket.

I will be the woman I wanted
the maternal lover
with strong and tender arms,
the growing daughter
who blushes in surprise.
I turn into full moons
and sunrise.

I think she's chic
This woman I loved
who knows it will include
who knows she's enough
know where to go
and travel with passion.
Who remembers that she is precious,
but know that she is not scarce –
who knows that she is abundant,
much to share. —Jayne Braun

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There is something about Southern women that is so unique and yet so universal. Strong southern women can be soft and feminine and have a sense of humor. But what I love most about Southern women is their universality. —Conny Britton

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Granny Fifi had two friends named Martin and Merlin who had a fear that Dirk didn't want to have. They were both very handsome and friendly and always brought sweets and toys when they came for tea and Fifi's famous cake. But as much as Dirk liked Martin and Merlin, he knew he was different from them. They spoke with voices as clear and smooth as the shirts they wore and they moved as gracefully as Fifi. His eyes were scared and sad. They were hurt for who they were. Dirk didn't want to get hurt like that. I wanted to be strong and love someone strong; She wanted to return every look, laugh in the sunlight, and never hide. —block francesca lia

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As he watched it rise, William's perception shifted again with an overwhelming jolt. Christian wasn't soft, she realized. There was nothing spoiled brat about him. It was hard and tough as a sinew. Refined? Refined like a purebred stallion, perhaps, or an elemental. But not weak, no. He was a powerful and strong man. For -d.h. Easton

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (37)

You can bend a man and make him soft, or you can bend yourself and make him strong. But you will never have the man you dreamed of unless you let him lead. —Wayne Thomas Batson

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (38)

Everyone always talks about how love makes them weak. How it deceives your senses, obscures your vision, makes you soft and malleable. I don't know much about it, but I don't think any of this is correct. Love makes you strong. Love covers your weaknesses. Love fills in all the little cracks in you that would be unnoticeable to others. Love exists even when you think you don't want or need it. love stays love lasts love covers. love chooses. Love is not weak at all. love is strength —Jacinta Howard

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (39)

It's not a one-way street,” Emma muttered in soft but fierce words. "Sometimes you have to take what you need and hope the other person can handle the intrusion."
"That's love, isn't it? Families, friends, lovers. It's an invasion of each other's space, minds and hearts. Someone is always vying for control. For it to really work, there has to be equality. All sides you have to be strong enough to handle it."
Invasion. An oddly perfect way to describe it. "Again I ask, who are you, Emma Strickland? -Kate Meder

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (40)

He said. I tried not to think about what he looked like, but what he was saying to me. Once I got that, my brain couldn't get past the "run" part.
"I do not run". I ran the mile in school. True story.
He abhorred any kind of physical activity. He wasn't good at it. I was thin, but he was soft; He had no muscle mass. That's how I liked it. Who was he to try to change that, to change me? I would not let. No way.
Half of her mouth went up. He seemed to be enjoying this a lot. "I'm doing it now. You need to be fit, you need to be strong, Taryn, if you want to have any chance of surviving this. Come on, let's stretch."
It forced me to twist my body into unimaginable positions. I even had to touch my toes. The Torment of Christ. Luke enjoyed my pain; I even laughed as he moaned and groaned through it all.
Then the worst happened. The fact. My. Run. —tender sweet

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The Light of Love Each light that shines upon us has its own special grace; But all the light in heaven is on my lover's face. For it is like sunlight, so strong and pure and warm that it envelops all that is good and happy and protects from sorrow and evil. And it's like moonlight, So holy and so still; The blissful peace of a summer night When the gentle winds die to balm. And it's like starlight; As much as I love her, she still dwells tall and serene in a distant mystery. —John Heu

42 Best Strong But Kind Quotes and Sayings (42)

Where the environment is very soft and luxurious and no struggle is needed to survive, not only are the weak tribes and individuals allowed to survive and encouraged to reproduce, but the strong types are also mentally and physically fattened. —because of madison

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