Blue Ginger restaurant information and reservations (2023)

Best Chinese in San Diego

This place is the only restaurant in the Gaslamp that serves great Chinese food, so everyone here will make your dining experience amazing! The hostess is beautiful, the girls are beautiful, the waiters are great and fast, and the chef is the best. once! The food is so good. Specialty drinks are unique and interesting. The atmosphere is beautiful with a beautiful waterfall in the bar and a huge aquarium in the restaurant. Very impressive. Keep it up, Blue Ginger! A+

Happy to have found it!

My girlfriend and I visited Blue Ginger in January and have been back several times since then. We were so happy to find a Chinese restaurant downtown. The atmosphere is very inviting and the food is delicious. When we entered the restaurant, we were taken to the bar/lounge where we passed by a waterfall with a movie. Then we sat under a beautiful aquarium in the restaurant. Our server Sean was very friendly and helpful with the menu. We had "Nut Shrimp" and "Delicate Rice Noodles", both dishes were excellent. We had a great time together. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone!

great place to eat

I love eating at Blue Ginger. The food is great, and the service is even better. Friendly atmosphere, romantic atmosphere and generally a great time. The music is soothing and goes well with the overall decor. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and plan to return.

Great food, questionable service

Our group of 8 enjoyed the food, it was tasty and filling. We especially enjoyed the shrimp with asparagus and crab rangoon. Mushu is also very popular. The aquarium and decoration create a pleasant atmosphere. The only drawback is the inconsistent service. It takes a while for the drinks to arrive, especially the second round. Appetizers are usually served at the same time, but mains are served at intervals until everyone has eaten. In the end it took a while to get the waiter's attention to process the bill. Overall, we enjoyed the good food and varied menu, but the service could be improved for a better overall experience.

Delicious buffet for lunch

I work downtown and rarely eat at many restaurants for lunch. Previous experiences with the buffet table brought back memories of tasteless lukewarm dishes. Blue Ginger changed his mind about this kind of lunch buffet. The food is fresh and hot. Considering how full I was after lunch, the price was a steal. Large aquariums and wall-sized waterfalls create a peaceful atmosphere in the bustling streets of downtown San Diego. I will definitely be back for lunch or dinner at Blue Ginger. Thank you!


I was looking forward to trying the cream cheese wontons listed for them online, but found that they don't offer that unless you're willing to eat mixed crab, which I couldn't. So I tried the lettuce wraps, but they missed the point of the "wrap" and served a limp, misshapen salad better suited for a salad bowl. Although we asked for the burritos to be served with the other entrees, they arrived early, so two of the four of us had to eat our entrees twenty minutes before the other two were served. Overall a disappointing experience for the high price.

Gift cards are not friendly..

We got a very nice gift certificate from our son...we decided to try the blue ginger...everything was going well until we showed our certificate...from then on we were treated like second class...when we tried to pay the bill.. worth $75... we had to wait almost half an hour for the restaurant manager to figure out how to use the certificate... very unpleasant experience...

Great food, fast service

The atmosphere is luxurious, and the food is delicious - high quality and fresh. The service time was a bit off - we had just finished our soup when they brought our main course and they tried to take our food and plates away when we were obviously still eating many times. Now is the time to relax and enjoy our food. The restaurant was not full - no reason to rush. We'll probably go there from now on.

Disappointing birthday dinner

My wife and I were looking forward to celebrating my mother's 75th birthday at Blue Ginger. All three of us had high expectations for a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our server didn't know much about the menu. He had to ask someone for details on various questions we had about the menu. I would like to try one of Blue Ginger's signature martinis, but the one I requested is not available? We had spring rolls for appetizer and they were delicious. Nothing fancy, but they are delicious. We also ordered soup; it took about 45 minutes to get to our table. I ordered hot and sour soup, but the waiter brought me egg flour. When I said it wasn't hot and sour soup, he insisted it was. My wife got hot and sour soup and we exchanged something. After serving the soup, it takes about an hour from the main course. The food is good but nothing special. I expected something more imaginative. It's good Chinese food, but nothing special. Not sure if we'll be back. There seem to be many good Chinese restaurants in the area. We believe that in several other restaurants we can get better service and food that is at least as good or better. Sorry, that's how I see it.

very bad service, great food

I went to a restaurant on my anniversary. Here is our experience: - I got an appetizer but no cutlery, I had to ask the waiter for it. - The waiter forgot to bring cutlery, I had to get up and ask the waiter for it. - The waiter got (only) one fork each! ! - We asked another waiter to bring us napkins and he only got one napkin and left before I asked for another napkin. - Servers get food, but not plates. - We had to ask the waiter to bring us plates and another napkin. - I called the napkin attendant and told him that he only brought us one napkin. I told him I had another one...if he would just let me finish my words! To be fair, I wouldn't say the waiters were rude, but they didn't seem to care. Overall, the food was good, the martinis were terrible, and the service was terrible. I ended up leaving a 10% tip because my wife insisted I couldn't fine the waiters for being stupid!

bad service

Worst service I have ever experienced. My reservation was lost and there was no waitress until the bus guy found a waitress after we sat there for 15 minutes. The waitress wanted us to point to the menu to find what we wanted, then came back 3 times because she forgot what we said. There were no starters and my mother never got her main course. No drinks or desserts are served. No mention of a forgotten starter, just empty cans. The food is ok, but not great. Don't waste your time or money here, they obviously don't want refunds.

protect from! Worst Valentine's Day experience ever!

This place is horrible! ! ! I will never go back and neither should you! We arrived at 8pm for Valentine's dinner. We asked to wait at the bar for our table to be ready. The bartender was very busy preparing drinks for all the waiters and looked annoyed, which she showed when she finally came to help us. When asked about the wine, she was not very helpful, made a rude comment and gave us the wine list, then went back to get more drinks for the waiter while my wife watched. When we were finally able to order drinks, we were told our table was ready and to be seated with menus. 17-20 minutes passed, and our acquaintances didn't even recognize us and didn't even give us water. We know it's busy, but this is ridiculous. The housekeeper came over and asked if we had been taken care of, and I said no! She said she would go get someone, I saw she told the waiter personally, but 5-7 minutes later. We sat at the table for at least 25 minutes and none of the waiters came to greet us, I even saw a couple sitting behind us in another area and were greeted by the waiter, so we got up and left, as we were leaving I saw another lady who for some reason scolds one of the waiters and I can only imagine it had something to do with our experience. I would mention to someone on the way how bad the service is, say to the hostess or the manager, but there are such people everywhere. We were prepared to spend about $150 that night, but luckily we only paid $6 for parking and were able to get out of there. I work with many wealthy friends and clients in the San Diego tennis club industry. I tell everyone to never go to this place downtown.

I didn't even have to eat.

On February 15th, I took my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday and I made reservations in advance. When we arrived at Blue Ginger, the owner (Mark) said that the whole restaurant was full when a party of 20 people turned into a party of 60 people. He suggested we try Red Pearl Kitchen, and if we didn't like the place, he gave us a free blue ginger meal. He said he would book us a table if we walked in, but when we got to Red Pearl we were told we would have to wait an hour. We decided to eat at another restaurant downtown but stopped at Blue Ginger to talk to Mark and he gave us his email address and told us to contact him and he would try to make it right. Well, the email address didn't work, and he ignored the phone.

worst restaurant ever

This is the worst restaurant ever. Believe me, I worked there. Although the restaurant is beautiful inside, don't be fooled like I was. When I took this job I thought I was going to a really nice new restaurant, but as an experienced waiter I have to admit that I got terrible service there. Running a restaurant without training and help is an impossible task. I am often asked to run entire restaurants, bars, etc. How can one person provide good service when so much is demanded of them? I could go on and on about how bad it is, but trust me, you don't want to eat there. I've had many freaked out customers and it's a miracle they're still open.

The PF Chang fiasco...

Changes have become our monthly event. Very nice, you will love the atmosphere. I heard about blue ginger from a friend and decided to try it. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than PF Chang. The menus are even similar! Wait for a while and then defeat Zhang. Way better food and service.


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