"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (2023)

Did you know?…

The academy is one of thememotionally chargedplaces in the world?

That's what we mean.

When we exercise, our bodies return to a pristine state.

Blood is pumping fast and hormones are flooding our bodies.

That's why it's easy for guys to fall in love with girls at the gym.

But there is a problem...

How do you know for sure if your gym crush is interested?

The answer is pretty simple.

We just need to look for clues in yoursbehavior and body language.

Today we're going to show you the top 5 signs that a guy at the gym is interested in you.

Our team of dating coaches and romance experts have broken down and decoded these body language signals.

We'll show youExactlyhow to know if he's attracted to you

Later we will also show you how to start a conversation with him and attract him using male psychology.

Once you learn these secrets, you can use them on any guy at the gym!

Before proceeding...

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1. Wandering eyes

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (1)

Put yourself in their shoes for a second:

He sees you at the gym all the time and is interested...

But there is a problem:

The gym should be a place for working out, not for socializing.

There are also many gym goers there.

Deep down he wants to go upstairs and starts talking to you...

But you can risk embarrassing yourself in front of everyone if things don't work out.

This means that he will be very nervous when he approaches you.

To find out if a guy at the gym is interested in you,watch his eyes.

His eyes wander around the gym but always come back to you.

You will usually catch him looking at you only to immediately look away.


He also avoids direct eye contact and prefers to look at you from the side.

2. You can't stay focused

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (2)

One of the biggest signs he wants you to make the first move is when he can't seem to be paying attention to your training.

Here's the thing:

Some guys in the gym are super focused and totally focused on their workout.

But when a guy likes you, he will act very differently.

His mind is full of thoughts about you, but he cannot get close to you physically.

Pay attention to your facial expression - you look unfocused, your attention is scattered everywhere.

You can also find it on your phone. In fact, this is a sign of nervousness.

Unfortunately, most guys get stuck that way.unless you let him come to you.

(Click here to learn how to read her mind and know exactly what to tell her!)

3. He always seems to be there

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (3)

It's a habit a lot of guys get into with their crushes at the gym.

Let's explain:

We often move around while working out in the gym, doing different exercises and using different machines.

But when a guy likes you, you'll notice some things...

He can stay longer in an exercise because his attention is on you.

He will naturally be attracted to you because you are what he has in mind.

This is especially true if you go to a large gym.

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (4)


You can test if he likes you by approaching him and observing how he reacts.

if he likes youHis attention will turn to youas soon as he realizes you're around.

This is usually very obvious as it is a response that the males cannot control.

4. Reflect on your actions

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (5)

Flipping is one of the biggest body language signs that he secretly likes you.

In fact, all men do it because it's ingrained in their psychology.

See how it works:

When a guy focuses on you, his body follows his mind.

Of course, their body language will start to mirror yours.

That means it willmimic or copy some of their behaviors.

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A typical example of this is drinking from a water bottle.

Take a sip from your bottle and see how you react. You may find that you take the bottle too soon.

Another great example of this is simple expressions like taking a deep breath and sighing or wiping sweat from your forehead.

The trick is to pay attention to these behaviors without him knowing.

You can do this by looking out of the corner of your eye orwith the mirrors in the gymto keep an eye on him.

(Check out this guide to finding out what a man is thinking based on his body language!)

5. Find reasons to talk to you

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (6)

This is one of the biggest signs that he is emotionally attracted to you.

Remember how we mentioned that the gym isn't a social space?

This makes it very difficult for guys to get close to you...

There is a lot of pressure for him NOT to come and talk to you.

But if he still makes an effort to do it, it means he is very interested in you.

This means that the feelings he has for you outweigh the social pressures against him.

He will usually try to start a conversation with you by talking about exercises or random topics.

Now it is very important to know that he is just giving you an excuse to talk to you.

So don't delve too deeply into the topic it starts with.

In other words, make sure the conversation is deeper and more personal.

(You can find out exactly how to do this in the next section)

The next steps: how to take things further and stick with it

"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (7)

As girls, we all know that...

It's nice to know that a handsome guy is interested in you.

But here's the secret most girls don't get:

Interest is not the same as attraction.

That's what we mean...

A man's attention span isvery short.

You may have his attention now, but if you don't do anything, he will completely forget about you.

Therefore, you need to act quickly and turn his interest into attraction for you.

Fortunately, there are certain "emotional triggers" that you can use.

These are special words and techniques that evoke strong emotional responses in the male brain.

To learn more about these techniques, read this free e-book below:

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"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (8)

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unfortunately,only about 2% of womenknow these techniques.

Most girls just don't know what to do...

That's why they keep seeing nice guys walking by and falling in love with other girls.

If you don't want to be ignored by the guys you like, check out this eBook right now:

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"Is the fitness guy interested in me?" - 5 signs to watch out for! (9)

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