New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (2023)

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (1)

A while ago I published a beginner's guide onStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the popular mobile game, aims to make it easier for new players to get started.

And given the overwhelming popularity of this post, I hope so. But I haven't updated this post in a long time, and that's partly because the game has changed significantly since then. So I wanted to make a new and updated beginner's guide toGalaxy of Heroesto give you some hints on where the best place to start might be from an endgame perspective.

In fact, I'll start with the same team I proposed back then, but the end goal is completely different.Basically, when you start playing Galaxy of Heroes, your goal should be to get a galactic legend as soon as possible.

What you should know before you start

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (2)

1. What are the Galactic Legends?

But before I jump straight into the teams I'm proposing, it's probably helpful for me to briefly explain what Galactic Legends is and why it's so obvious that it's their goal. Simply put, they are by far the most powerful characters in this game, but they also represent by far the most difficult farm to unlock. These characters are designed to be the strongest in the game and are hard to beat. So the faster you unlock one of them, the faster you'll drastically improve your scaling and production at every stage of the game.

There are currently four Galactic Legends in the game: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, Rey, the Eternal Sith Emperor, and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. At the end of the day, any of these four will be great for you once you can get them, so the suggestion really is to pick one and then stick with it. Every farm has advantages and disadvantages; For example, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker is by far the most difficult farm of these four, especially for new characters.but the characters you have to farm to get it are also the most rewarding ones.

In this post, I will recommend the Supreme Leader Kylo Ren quest.I think (like many players) he's the best galactic legend overall, the requirements are reasonable enough (relatively speaking) and you'll get some farming help along the way.

2. Farming accelerated

Another thing I want to mention here is that now is a great time to jump into the game as the developers have essentially made the launch characters double speed over the past few months. Each node used to only give you a chance to get one shard, but now you have a chance to get two shards. And stores used to give you five shards when you made a purchase, but now they give you ten shards.Basically, you can now farm these characters twice as fast as you could just a few months ago!

This doesn't necessarily give you an edge over other players as they have the same opportunity, but it's huge and worth mentioning.

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3. The Journey Guide is your best friend

Similar to fast-paced farming, the guide wasn't always in the game, but it's an amazing help. Here you can see all Galactic Legends, Hero's Journeys, Legendary Characters and other special events to unlock. He will tell you how. to unlock each character and help you track your progress against them. This resource is invaluable, and it's something to hone in on. You should come back often to check your progress.

The first team to farm: Phoenix

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (3)

Okay, here we go: the first team you should be chasing hasn't really changed since I made my previous post,and it's the Phoenix Squad🇧🇷 These characters are the heroes of the mightyStar Wars: RebelsTV series. They're easy to obtain, very competitive in the early and mid-game, and will help you make significant progress towards other objectives.

There are six characters marked as Phoenix and you need five of them. How to unlock these characters:

Esra BridgerCantina 2-B
Hera SyndullaCantina 1-F
helicopterTienda Cantina Batalhas
bigger pitcherSquad-Arena-Shop
Garazeb “Zeb” OrreliosGalactic War Shop
Sabine ZaunkönigBlack Side 1-A

That's very obviousYou want to follow the top 5 on the list and choose to remove Sabine from your Phoenix roster early🇧🇷 The team will be fine, and you will be competitive in battles from the beginning to the middle of the game, and you will easily find the most accessible and fastest way to farm. My strong recommendation is to farm Ezra and Hera from the Cantina nodes (you'll probably want to split those farms, like alternate stars or something). Then use the stores to farm Chopper (Cantina), Kanan (Squad Arena), and Zeb (Galactic War). This is a very approachable first team. Focus on getting them seven stars.

What should grow on the light side/dark side nodes? I'll get to that in a moment. First, let me explain why Phoenix Squad is good for early farming.

1. They are easy to breed.

I mentioned that before, but the ease of cultivation makes her even more appealing from the start.

2. They are a competitive team.

You will not farm these characters only to never use them again. While your use of them will likely diminish as you progress, Phoenix is ​​more than capable of holding its own against a number of teams you'll face in the early game and even mid-game, even in the sand and others . Domains You probably don't have the most dominant team, but that's why you're looking for a galactic legend, right? Until you get there, this team is good. This keeps you stable.

3. They are the key to unlocking great characters.

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This is where Phoenix Squadron shines as an obvious choice to start with - they can be used to unlock two really good characters:Emperor Palpatine and Grand Admiral Thrawn🇧🇷 These two characters areLEGENDARY EVENTS, which means you need five characters of a certain faction to unlock the five-star character; So you need those five six-star characters to play the six-star legendary character, and the same for seven-stars. And here's the kicker: Palpatine requires five Rebel characters, while Thrawn requires five Phoenix characters. With your five Phoenix characters at five stars, since they are tagged as Rebel and Phoenix, you can unlock Palpatine and Thrawn at five stars. So if you get your Phoenix to seven stars, you can play Palpatine and Thrawn with up to seven stars. You need a good team on your Phoenix for this, but it's worth it.

Palpatine and Thrawn together make the best team in the Empire, and when you can combine them with Darth Vader (who can be farmed through achievement rewards and the Fleet Arena Store) you have the three main core pieces for a great Empire team that can withstand also in endgame content. And both can be obtained with the Phoenix Squad.So not only do you have a good team in Phoenix now, but you're on your way to a draw.BetterAlly yourself with the Empire.

And maybe the best?These characters are required for Galactic Legends.Both are required to unlock Sith Eternal Emperor, but Palpatine (in Relic 7) is also required to unlock Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.

The second team to farm: First Order

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (4)

Okay, this probably makes the most sense to you now, because if you're going after Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, you'll probably need a lot of First Order characters. And that's right! In fact, you need all ten other First Order characters in the game to get seven stars, and most importantly all of them for several Heirloom levels. This will take some time. But you have to start somewhere, right?

First order characters can be farmed here:

Kylo Ren (without Mask)Cantina 3-F
First Order StormtroopersBlack Side 2-A; bright side 2-B
officer of the first orderwarehouse
kylo renCantina 4-C
captain phasmaGalactic War Shop
Executioner of the first orderCantina 2-G
Sith-SoldatBlack Page 6-G
First Order TIE SF Pilotguild store
General HuxBlack Page 6-A
First Order TIE PilotDark Side 6-B; 6-D light side; Fleet Arena shop

You'll need these ten characters at some point if you want Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, so the order here isn't that critical. Part of what's going to make things a little tricky for you is that the two best First Order characters that aren't Galactic Legends might be Cantina Farms (both Kylo Rens) that you already know Ezra Bridger and Hera Syndulla will farm . Therefore, the best recommendation is to complete these two phoenix farms as soon as possible, and then immediately proceed to first-order farming in the cantina. It would start with Kylo Ren (unmasked), then move on to Kylo Ren, then First Order Executioner.

The same goes for the First Order Officer and Captain Phasma, available in the Cantina Store and Galactic War Store, respectively. You'll already be using these stores to farm Chopper and Zeb. So when you're done with that, you can continue farming these First Order characters.

In the meantime, you can always turn your attention to a few other characters to give your First Order team a head start. Remember, as I mentioned earlier, you're not really going to be breeding phoenixes on your own.light or dark side nodes(unless you choose Sabine Wren, but I don't recommend it if you have to.)There are four First Order characters that can be obtained from these nodes: First Order Stormtrooper (2x), Sith Trooper (1x), General Hux (1x), and First Order TIE Pilot (2x).With food nodes, there is no limit to the number of times you can farm in a day, making it harder to farm multiple characters at once. But with the Light and Dark Side nodes, you can do them five times a day (and more if you spend crystals to level them up). This makes it possible to farm multiple characters at once, so I would seek out as many of these First Order characters as possible at once. Keep in mind that these hard node farms take timea long time, so it's best to start now and keep growing. It'll take a while, but at least you'll have a head start. in your First Order team.

The other variable here is the First Order SF Tie Pilot, which is only available in the guild store. It won't always be there, but since you won't be using this shop to farm Phoenix, it makes sense to farm it there as well, but it's important to note that this shop can be a very valuable place to get gear to buy. and in many cases this can be more beneficial to you early in the game. It's good. It will take a long time before you are ready to unlock Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, so don't rush to get the SF TIE Pilot right away.Feel free to buy gear from this shop to equip your other characters, as it will immediately become more useful and important.However, remember that you will need the SF TIE Pilot from this shop, which will also take a while to farm.

Once you've managed to assemble an impressive First Order team, you have another very competitive team to dress up. Having Kylo Ren (Unmasked) as your leader is important, and there are some characters better than others, but your First Order team will give you another very competitive team. If you also managed to unlock Darth Vader along the way, you now have (at least) three very competitive teams: Phoenix, Empire, and First Order.

But there is a hidden bonus to these First Order characters. Of course, your target here is Supreme Leader Kylo Ren, but with five First Order characters, you're now ready to unlock another legendary character: BB-8! He won't be helpful in your quest for the supreme leader, but he's a very good character when combined with some key resistance characters. But more on that in a moment. For now, think of BB-8 as a “free” unlock on your quest to become Supreme Leader.

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Almost there!

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (5)

Now you're getting too close! It's going to take a long time but with Phoenix you unlocked Emperor Palpatine and then you bred those First Order characters, you pretty much have all the characters you need to unlock Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. But there are still three big obstacles in your way!


This is without a doubt the greatest obstacle to achieving galactic legend. You'll need all of your relevant characters for various Heirloom levels, which are some of the highest gear in the game. I hate to tell you, but this gear farm will beexcruciating🇧🇷 While the developers have made character creation easier than ever, team building remains harder than ever. It's a real challenge, especially considering that you have to get twelve different characters for different heirloom levels. This will take a long, long time. So don't despair and don't give up. A big part of this game is gear buffing, but I hope you can still enjoy some competitive gameplay with some of these gears while you work on them. But I want you to be warned upfront: this will be the biggest hurdle of all to getting Supreme Leader Kylo Ren.

2. Veteran smuggler Han Solo

The only remaining character you'll need other than the First Order or Emperor Palpatine is skilled smuggler Han Solo, father of Kylo Ren. This is the most random (faction wise) requirement for the character, but canonically it makes a lot of sense. My recommendation is to save it for last. He's available in Cantina Node 5-E, so I suggest waiting until you've bred your Phoenix (Ezra and Hera) and First Order (both Kylo Ren's and First Order Executioner) from Cantina Nodes, and then to Han's to transition to farming. With gear grinding ahead of you, you probably still have plenty of time for Han to get started before you've equipped your entire First Order.

However, unlocking veteran smuggler Han Solo has an added benefit: if he and BB-8 are unlocked, you're now two-fifths of the way to unlocking Rey (Jedi Training). she is aTHE HERO'S JOURNEYEvent, meaning it requires five specific characters, each with seven stars, to unlock. You need skilled smuggler Han Solo and BB-8 (which you will eventually get!), as well as Rey (Scavenger), Finn, and skilled smuggler Chewbacca. These three characters are useful elsewhere, and in fact, Rey (Jedi Training), Finn, Rey (Scavenger), BB-8, and Chewbacca are required to unlock Galactic Legend Rey! While unlocking Rey (Jedi Training) isn't your first priority, it's worth unlocking and taking on the other three characters to finally unlock them.When you've done all that, you already have five of the twelve characters you needMiscellaneousGalactic Legend!

3. The finisher

The only remaining requirement for Supreme Leader Kylo Ren that I haven't mentioned is thatFinisher, General Hux's capital ship.You need at least five stars.So how do you unlock itFinisher🇧🇷 Well, I'll be honest: the conditions don't make any sense. For this you need these ships:

*Any capital ship*Severalspecial event
First Order TIE FightersFirst Order TIE PilotSave Flota Arena
dog toothChefLight Side 8-D
Shuttle Command by Kylo RenKylo Ren; Captain Phasma; and First Order StormtroopersIlluminated Page 9-A
enslave meBob FatFrota 2-B
TIE silencerKylo Ren (without Mask)Cantina 3-F
TIE AdvancedDarth VaderFrota 4-B
Xanadu bloodDoom-CadIlluminated Page 8-B

Some of them don't make canon sense, I know, but those are the requirements. Don't worry about the Capital Ship - you can get it once you start playing Fleet Battles. But obviously the other ships and required pilots offer a lot of other farming for you to do. That sucks. There's no other way around it. But there are some positive aspects:

A. Arena-Flotte

As a beginner, one of the best ways to get a steady flow of crystals is to compete in Fleet Arena. Therefore, it can be advantageous to prioritize some of these ship parks. This decision is yours; Some players mostly ignore the ships while others go all out. You must decide how to board the ships. However, it is important to note that this could be a good source of crystals for you.

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B. Seeing the bright side of farms

The best news of all is that the TIE Silencer, the ship piloted by Kylo Ren (unmasked), is available on the exact same Feeder Node as him!So if you farm Kylo, ​​you will also get his ship.And this ship is aRIGHTThen this is great news for you! And then five of the pilots are First Order characters that you'll want to farm anyway. Another, Darth Vader, is a character I mentioned earlier that is worth pursuing to pair him with Palpatine and Thrawn.

So the other three necessary pilots are all bounty hunters. There's Bossk and Boba Fett, which fit into most of the best bounty hunter actions, as well as a very solid addition in Cad Bane.midog tooth, Bossk's ship, is probably the best in the whole game, Wetterenslave meIt's also a very useful and versatile ship. Also, I should note that Hound's Tooth is only available in a hard knot (ugh), but in the same knot there is also Jango Fett. So if you farm Houndstooth, you'll likely make significant progress on Jango as well.And that would mean having four bounty hunters already., including three of the best in the game in Bossk, Boba and Jango and a very capable fourth in Cad Bane. One more and you've got another very useful squad (I'd recommend Dengar, The Mandalorian, or Greef Karga for a fifth, but you have options). And with five bounty hunters? Well, then you can unlock another legendary character in Chewbacca, which is awesome. But beware: This event isa lot ofdifficult and requires a high degree of walking speed.

C. When the hunt begins...

Once you have all of these ships, you can complete themFinisherevent next time, but after that you just "earn" the right to complete an event. The event happens several times a month and each time you complete it you can get tenFinisherfragments that gopossiblyallow you to stop the required farm.

Finally unlock the Supreme Leader

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (6)

When you're FINALLY ready to unlock Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (this will take a while!), you can start the event. It's permanently available in the guide, so you don't have to wait. But there's a catch: you need tickets to play the event, and you can't earn those tickets until you've qualified to enter the event (it's a terrible system, I know). So for Kylo Ren, you need to get these tickets from the dark side nodes in order for you to play the event. You collect these tickets and play the event until you finally unlock the character. In my experience, this takes about a week or two.

You can then continue playing the event after equipping the Supreme Leader to unlock his ultimate. But that too will take a long time.

And that's it: now you have your first galactic legend! And along the way, you've assembled several more formidable squads: Phoenix, Empire, First Order, and Bounty Hunter, plus you've got a decent head start on a resistance squad. You will also have a very solid fleet squad.

So yes, it will take a long time. The routine is real and intense. But don't give up!

Have a good time!

New and Improved Beginner's Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2021! (7)

And my last suggestion, and this is the most important one, is: HAVE FUN! Often this game is a real disappointment and the grind is so boring, unbearable and frustrating that you want to give up. You can do it whenever you want because the frustration never ends. But as you proceed, remember this is just for fun.So if you have a favorite Star Wars character, it's okay to let it grow.I've given you a guide that I think can be a very helpful roadmap to get you started, but it's not the only way, and you don't have to follow it exactly either. If you love Luke Skywalker, do it! If you love Rey, go after her! If you love the prequels then the Galactic Republic is a great team! Ultimately, this game is all about having fun with all of these Star Wars characters and ships, so feel free to search for the ones you love the most. Some will be better at the game than others, but if you're having fun, that's true. what matters.

So good luck with the holotables and may the force be with you!

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Who to farm first Galaxy of Heroes? ›

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes Farming Guide - Phoenix Squadron. The first thing you should farm to start your hero-collecting journey is the Phoenix Squadron because they are effortless to obtain and better used for mid-game phase battles.

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While You Won't Have To Pay To Play In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, There Are A Thing Called Crystals Credits, Which You Are Going To Need, And It Is The Fundamental Crystals Credits That You Should Ensure That You Can Play The Games In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

Who is the best character in Star Wars heroes? ›

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker

Without a doubt, Luke Skywalker is one of the strongest attackers in the whole game. Talking about stats, he has some of the highest points in the game, and it is certainly difficult to counter against him.

What is the strongest team in Swgoh? ›

Galactic Republic

Jedi Master Kenobi is arguably the best unit in the game at the moment, and his Galactic Republic team defines the meta. There are other ways to build this team.

What is the fastest way to level up in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? ›

Leveling up in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is tied directly to how many experience points you earn, and the single best way to earn experience points is by completing your Daily Activities list.

What's the highest gear level in Galaxy of Heroes? ›

The maximum gear level is gear 13; beyond this, characters improve their "Mastery" with Relic Amplifiers, which have a maximum of level 9 (previously 8). Players level up their user level by gaining experience by completing daily quests or completing battles.

What is the best capital ship in Star Wars galaxy of heroes? ›

The best all-rounder is Negotiator. Of the four you listed, none are. meta. The strongest counter-meta is a toss-up between Executrix with full Empire and Home One with Rebels but both will require a hefty investment to beat Negotiator / Malevolence.

What should I use crystals for Galaxy of Heroes? ›

The best uses, imo, are:
  • energy refreshes on hard nodes to farm toons (especially if you are just starting out)
  • energy refreshes on cantina nodes (either for toons or signal data)
  • energy refreshes for mods.
  • energy refreshes for fleets.
Jan 18, 2022

Can I sell my Star Wars galaxy of Heroes account? ›

After having access to the dashboard of your account, head over to the section dedicated to selling accounts and choose a payment method. Post your offer, add all the account details and put it up for sale. It is recommended that you opt for affordable prices to increase the chances of selling an account.

Can you sell your hero Wars account? ›

To sell Hero Wars accounts, simply follow these instructions: Register or log in as a seller. Post your offers using our system, choosing between manual or instant delivery. Once there's a buyer, upload the account details through PlayerAuctions (you will already have done this if you chose the instant delivery option)

Do you get billed every month with Star Wars The Old Republic? ›

Subscriptions are charged every 30 days if you pay monthly. If you chose the quarterly option the charge is every 90 days. For a 6 month subscription, you will be charged every 180 days. Game Time Cards are valid for 60 days.

How do you get better at heroes empires and puzzles? ›

How to Obtain More Heroes
  1. The Epic Summon can generate a 3-stars or higher hero for the premium price of 300 gems. ...
  2. The Epic Troops Summon will generate a 3-stars or 4-stars troops for the price of 200 gems per pull.
  3. The Elemental Summon offers a 3-stars or higher hero of a specific color for 300 gems each.
Feb 12, 2020

What's the highest gear level in Galaxy of heroes? ›

The maximum gear level is gear 13; beyond this, characters improve their "Mastery" with Relic Amplifiers, which have a maximum of level 9 (previously 8). Players level up their user level by gaining experience by completing daily quests or completing battles.


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