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Star Citizen goes all out on The Verse. Whether you're a beginner, amateur, or a pro looking for ships in Star Citizen, you'll find something great to start your game with. However, beginners have the biggest problem when choosing a boat due to low output, many options and versatility. Don't worry, we've got an awesome guide to the best Star Citizen ships for beginners here to help you out.

Boats on Star Citizen - Why Boats for Beginners?

In Star Citizen, there is a main means of transportation known as a boat. It's not like our ship, but flying ships that can guide you throughout the Star Citizen system in search of something from one planet to another.

It is not so important for amateurs or professionals in the game, but more important for beginners because they are introduced and experienced to the entire world.

Free players are also listed under Beginners here, and for them buying a ship is the same as buying the game itself. Each ship in Star Citizen has its own pros and cons, so we're going to cover the BEST ships for beginners that we're going to mention here.

Our goal is to mention boats that beginners can easily buy without breaking the bank. When you spend a higher price on ships, that ship needs to have a motive like cargo, salvage, combat, etc. A basic boat needs to be versatile and multitasking.

Why not Cutlass Black?

Cutlass Black is an expensive ship for the most part. Most people prefer Cutlass Black for beginners, but it's honestly out of budget. You can get it for $115, which is about the middle ground.

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Aegis Avenger-Titan

The best ships for beginners in Star Citizen - MMOPIXEL (1)

This ship is the model for the starting ships in Star Citizen. Even after its release, it received a lot of recognition from players for what it brought to the beginner's table. Versatile and powerful, it can even be customized to suit your needs.

Aegis Avenger Titan is ideal for those just starting out who need something complete. Even free-to-play players can rely on this ship to explore the entire Star Citizen system.

It has incredible control, maneuverability and speed that make it ideal for piloting. You can even face enemies present in different locations of the atmosphere and have the ability to easily navigate the planets.

When it comes to defense, Aegis Avenger Titan also has capable firepower. It comes with 4-size nose mount and 3-size double wing mount. You can target ships, especially those with bounties, without wasting your shots.

You can upgrade the gimbal to Star Citizen and then trade it in for an incredibly powerful weapon or bigger. All in all, if you're looking for combat prowess in the best starter ships for Star Citizen and you're also going it alone, it doesn't get any better than the Aegis Avenger Titan.

  • You can get the Aegis Avenger Titan for around $70 at Star Citizen

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Not enough to buy boats as a beginner? Yes you canBuy cheap Star Citizen To start playing, you can evenBuy cheap packages as well as shipsof us.

CO Nomad

The best ships for beginners in Star Citizen - MMOPIXEL (2)

When something unique is what you need? Then the CO Nomad is ideal for you as a newcomer to Star Citizen. Yes, we know the price is a little high, but it's still in the beginner's range, which is why we've included it in our list of the best ships for beginners on Star Citizen.

In the Starter Ships category on Star Citizen, the CO Nomad is probably one of the fastest, and even for $100 it's pretty fast. But that's not all, there's so much more you can do with the CO Nomad, including Universal Travel.

For defensive purposes, there are three size 1 shield generators, making it one of the strongest in this category. No need to upgrade here as it has 3 hardpoints in 3 sizes and also a rocket launcher.

If Harder Bounty Missing is your goal as a beginner and you love Ship Combat, CO Nomad is perfect for you. There are no flaws in this boat, but you will find pros.

There's even a small kitchen and a bed here for you to relax after a long battle journey. You can even save or leave the boat without having to travel long distances to find a place to rest. Also, it has a lot of storage space here on Co Nomad and is very useful in Star Citizen 3.18 or even later.

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Due to the large rear storage space, this best starting ship in Star Citizen also allows you to extract vehicles. It might even give you the opportunity to participate in the gameplay loop, which is quite limited for other ships.

The only downside to Nomad is that it's expensive, as we mentioned above. But if you can afford it, it's worth every penny invested in the purchase. Some people even refer to it as the best premium ship for Star Citizen beginners due to its large storage capacity, weapons, design and versatility.

  • You can get the CO Nomad for around $95 on Star Citizen


The best ships for beginners in Star Citizen - MMOPIXEL (3)

Of all the boats we've mentioned here in our list of the best starter boats, the Drake Cutter comes in last place. It was released at the end of 2022. Being something new, the developers gave it an extra touch; makes it more attractive and creative for the next game.

As far as Drake Cutter's features are concerned, you will find an exceptionally large payload that allows you to perform missing delivery, recovery and refactoring of the payload without any problems. With this ship, you can even transport land vehicles like hover quads from one planet to another.

In addition, there is a complete living space on the ship, as well as a luxurious bed to place and store your game without losing your items. You can live in business, go offline, and go about your business in the real world without worrying about losing.

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That's not all for Drake Cutter though, because there's a big tank of quantum fuel here too. Beginner boats are not very suitable for long trips due to their small fuel tanks. You must stop on a planet to refuel your ship, but this is not the case, as there is an exceptionally large tank for storing fuel.

You can even take multiple rides on the Star Citizen system without having to stop anywhere in between. Furthermore, there is a Daster Drive in the game, which allows you to quickly move from one mission to another without any hiccups.

The real problem with the ship is its defensive capabilities. There's only a size 1 shield here, which isn't very good for combat. Unlike the other ships we've mentioned here in our list of the best Star Citizen ships for beginners, the Drake Cutter is the worst when it comes to combat. There's not enough firepower and you also don't have enough to save yourself when you get hit by enemies.

That doesn't mean the ship can't be used in Star Citizen combat missions, as you can combine bounty contracts, but make sure you're on the lowest tier of missions. You will suffer in Dog Fights.

  • You can get Star Citizen's Drake Cutter for around $75

final verdict

Star Citizen has many ships and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a player who has just started the game and are looking for the best Star Citizen ships for beginners, then continue with our guide. Remember that we have divided the 3 boats into the highest quality, the most versatile and the cheapest. They have their own ease of use!


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