Top 10 bingo destinations in the UK: a guide to the best places to play (2023)


The UK bingo scene is still alive and well. In all four corners of the country you will find areas where bingo is still included in their weekly or even daily schedule. If you are planning to visit the best bingo hotspots in the country, you will find it all in this article.

Why bingo is popular in the UK

Bingo has become a favorite game of British pop culture. The UK bingo industry has thrived since it was legalized as a form of gambling in 1960. In 1963, Great Britain had 14 million active players. There are many reasons for the enduring popularity of bingo, not the least of which is the social element of the game and the simplicity of the action. It is also becoming increasingly available. Today you can play in a physical bingo hall or in another licensed online bingo room.

An overview of the top 10 bingo destinations in the UK

We have our finger on the pulse of a British city that still loves bingo. If you want to play bingo over the weekend break, find our top 10 destinations below.


Birmingham residents live for bingo and there are many bingo clubs across the West Midlands city - including two of our ownbuzz-bingohalKingsbury Roadi uruby red colorin the southwest of the city.

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Birmingham also benefits from strong links with other West Midlands cities, including Walsall and Wolverhampton. Birmingham has an excellent transport network, with several mainline train stations and the M5 and M6 motorways for business use. Birmingham is a city with something for all the family, with attractions such as Cadbury World, Legoland Discovery Center and the National Sea Life Centre.


The port city of Plymouth is located in the southwestern part of Devon. Known as a maritime hub, Plymouth has a lot to offer along the coast. It's not called "Britain's Ocean City" for nothing. Bingo plays a key role in the city's entertainment offering, with the Buzz Bingo arcade in the heart of the cityCharles crossIn fact, it is the most south-west Buzz Bingo hall in the UK.

Charles Cross is just a stone's throw from Sutton's picturesque harbor and there are a number of hotels nearby. The city of Plymouth is a paradise for historians, surrounded by as many as 37 monuments. There is also the National Marine Aquarium, which is home to more than 4,000 species of marine life.

weston super merrie

Weston-Super-Mare is a popular seaside town in the south west of England. With views of the Bristol Channel and the Welsh seaside town of Barrie on the horizon, this remains Britain's year-round entertainment destination. This includes bingo, with a number of the UK's leading bingo venues on the coast and in city centres. There is also a Buzz Bingo club in Weston-Super-MareGallagher shopping park, right next to the A370.

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Between bingo games you can explore the beautiful Grand Pier and all its facilities, fun for the whole family.


Brighton is another popular seaside town and the heart of bingo. There are plenty of bingo venues in town, including our very own Buzz Bingo Clubfresh way, a stone's throw from The Lanes and Marine Parade. It makes it easy to fit bingo into your itinerary while enjoying a weekend break in Brighton.

Brighton, 75 kilometers south of the British capital, has a host of attractions including an iconic pier, beaches and the magnificent Royal Pavilion.


Middlesbrough has quickly become the bingo hotspot of the North East of England. The city of Teesside is a favorite among bingo enthusiasts, with many bingo venues and events to choose from. At Buzz Bing we haveLanglandswegIn fact, you'll find five Buzz bingo halls within a 30-mile radius of Middlesbrough town centre, in the towns of Darlington, Sunderland and South Shields.

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Middlesbrough is a town easily accessible by road and rail. It is connected to the A1 via the A66 and A19 and is also part of the East Coast Mainline rail network. In terms of attractions, Middlesbrough has a number of parks and museums celebrating its heritage, as well as the RSPB Saltholme Nature Area.


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, also has some exceptional bingo venues, the most notable of which is oursgrass bankJust a few minutes' walk from the London Road area. Play is open in the afternoon and evening, with the main event offering jackpots worth up to £50,000.

It goes without saying that Edinburgh is one of the most picturesque and attractive cities in the United Kingdom from a tourist point of view. A magnificent castle, the National Museum of Scotland, numerous pubs, bars and restaurants, and even a panoramic view of Arthur's Seat, provide plenty of cultural delights beyond the bingo halls.


Liverpool is a city that has lost some of its beloved bingo venues, but we are pleased to say that our Buzz bingo hall in the area is still alive and well and inWave treeUCroxteriWavertree Hall is one of the most convenient bingo venues in the UK as it is opposite Edge Hill railway station. Meanwhile, Croxteth Club is just off the M57 via the A580.

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The city of Liverpool is another great city for a weekend getaway. The maritime city has undergone a major renaissance in recent decades, and the Royal Albert Dock is now one of the city's focal points. Of course, the city is passionate about football, they are home to both Liverpool and Everton, while the home of the Beatles pays homage to the Beatles.

new castle

Newcastle as a city is known for its entertainment and the bingo scene is just one of the many great reasons to head to Tyneside. At Buzz Bingo we love Newcastle and our bingo is in such demand that we operate five Buzz Bingo locations within a seven mile radius of Newcastle city centre. ourStreet of prayerUmetro centerThe location is most popular with locals, but you can also find Buzz Bingo clubs to playby the wall,WashingtonUsouthern shields.

For a weekend getaway with friends or loved ones, it's easy to travel to Newcastle. You can travel by train on the East Coast Main Line or even fly into Newcastle Airport. The city is also close to the A1 highway, which makes it easy to drive and stay for people from the north and border areas. In terms of sightseeing, head to the Docklands for entertainment, explore Newcastle Castle or stroll along the picturesque Tyne Bridge.


The British capital needs little introduction, but London is also one of the UK's bingo hotspots. In fact there are five Buzz Bingo clubs within the M25 London course. you can play bingoStratford,Surrey kades,sound signal,EnfieldevenBa Phnom Penh.London is the birthplace of bingo in the United Kingdom and has been played here since the early 20th century. If you're looking for character, our Tooting bingo venue exudes old world charm. This is a listed building full of Art Deco features. Originally used as a cinema almost a century ago, it is now used as Wandsworth Centre's stunning, atmospheric bingo hall.

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London is always a popular destination for a weekend break, with plenty to see and do before and after the bingo. You can walk the London Eye or head to the top of the Shard for some of the best views of the city. You can also head to the West End to catch a show, soak up the atmosphere in Leicester Square or enjoy a drink in one of Covent Garden's most popular bars.


The West Yorkshire city of Leeds has long loved bingo. Leeds bingo halls create a sense of community in the city and remain a much-needed place for many to socialize and have fun. That's why we've invested heavily in our Buzz Bingo hall in Leedsmill stone bridgesarea, located in the southwestern part of the city center.

Leeds is one of the most accessible cities in the north by road, with the M1, A1(M) and M62 close by. The city is also on the mainline rail network, making it possible to travel from London to Leeds without changing trains. In terms of attractions, Leeds has plenty to do before and after the bingo, with beautiful parks such as Roundhay Park and Temple Newsam to explore in the sun, historic sites such as Kirkstall Abbey and Trinity Leeds and shopping and dining options on the Corn Exchange.


Which is the best bingo site in the UK? ›

Best Bingo Sites UK
  • PlayOJO: Best overall.
  • Mecca Bingo: Greatest reputation.
  • The Sun Bingo: Most generous bingo bonus.
  • Two Fat Ladies: Best bingo variety.
  • MrQ Bingo: Best for mobile bingo.
  • Moon Bingo: Best for beginners.
  • Join PlayOJO today to enjoy wager-free bonuses.
  • Get up to a £120 welcome bonus by joining Mecca Bingo today.
Mar 13, 2023

What is Britain's biggest bingo site? ›

tombola's prizes and Jackpots

We're also home to Britain's Biggest Bingo, our monthly game with a Guaranteed £100,000 Full House prize. You can pre buy your tickets from just 50p a strip.

What bingo site are you most likely to win? ›

Best Bingo Sites 2023
RankCasino NameRating
#1🎮 Double Bubble⭐ 5/5
#2💻 Jackpot Joy⭐ 4.9/5
#3📱 MrQ⭐ 4.9/5
#4🎧 Pizazz Bingo⭐ 4.8/5
3 more rows

How popular is bingo in the UK? ›

Gambling Market in the UK

This places it amongst the largest gambling markets in the world – with bingo continuing to play an important role. Of that amount, the Bingo industry accounted for an outstanding £500m of the total gross gaming yield during the period from April 2021 to March 2022.

What are the odds of winning bingo UK? ›

In general, bingo games are completed within 75 calls. If you play a game with that number of calls, your odds of winning are around 20 to 1. According to several calculation tables, getting a 'full house' combination is impossible under 15 calls.

What is the best day to play bingo? ›

Friday and Saturday nights are often quieter with the younger generation of weekend Bingo players because they frequently use this time of the week to go out, socialise, have drinks or dinner with friends and will not be sat at home playing on their mobile devices in a Bingo room.

What is bingo called in the UK? ›

'British bingo', or 90 ball bingo, is the main game played in the UK. This is a version of bingo played with the numbers between 1 and 90 on a board of five squares by five squares.

What country is bingo most popular? ›

The U.K. does, unsurprisingly, still lead the global market. From as long ago as the First World War, bingo has seeped its way into British culture and now around 3.5 million play the game regularly in the country. But it isn't only the U.K. where people like to play bingo.

What is the difference between UK and US bingo? ›

The key differences between US and UK bingo are that UK bingo has 90 balls compared to 75, it is easy to keep track of multiple cards and is generally faster than US bingo.

What is the secret to winning bingo? ›

Don't Skimp on the Cards

The more bingo cards you hold, the better your odds of winning. After all, if a number shouted isn't on one card, it almost certainly will be on a subsequent one. The more bingo cards you have to choose from, the better your chances of making a pattern.

What number should I pick for bingo? ›

For example, if there are 99 bingo balls in play, and it's a short game, choose cards with numbers closer to 1 and 99. If it's a long game, choose numbers that are closer to the median number, 45. Skilled bingo players will know which games will go for longer and which games are usually decided in fewer calls.

How much does it cost to play bingo UK? ›

How much does it cost and how much can I win playing The National Bingo Game? An average night out at bingo will cost £20, which includes tickets, food and drink, but excludes additional games (machines).

Why is bingo so popular in the UK? ›

Many punters have locked themselves up in their homes and preferred to stay indoors rather than go out and risk their lives. This increased the popularity of online bingo as punters were eager to gamble on the game and the availability of popular online betting platforms offered an easy avenue for them.

How many bingo sites are there in the UK? ›

In 2022, there were 609 bingo premises.

What is number 1 in bingo? ›

Bingo Calls: The complete list
1 – Kelly's eye46 – Up to tricks
20 – One score65 – Old age pension
21 – Royal salute/Key of the door66 – Clickety click
22 – Two little ducks67 – Stairway to heaven
23 – Thee and me68 – Saving Grace
40 more rows

Is bingo a strategy or luck? ›

So, back to the big question – is bingo a game of chance or skill? The answer is that the outcome is determined entirely by luck (or lack thereof!). Since numbers are chosen randomly, it's impossible to influence the game's course or conclusion in any way – although there are ways to improve your chances of winning.

Is bingo big in the UK? ›

Online Bingo is one of the most popular casino games in the UK and in the whole world. Despite the fact that bingo has been around for centuries, its popularity is still growing. Millions of people enjoy playing this casino game.

Is it better to have more cards in bingo? ›

Playing multiple cards increases your odds to win, but also increases the cost to play. If there are 100 Bingo cards and you increase the cards you play from 1 card to 5, your odds go up from 1 in 100 to 5 in 100. Your cost of play also increased by 5 times without any guarantee of winning.

How early should you get to bingo? ›

Regular Games are played after the Early Bird games. As a rule of thumb, arrive 30 minutes before either an Early Bird or Regular bingo game. That will give you time to set up your dabbers, grab a bite to eat- and chat with your fellow players.

Does buying more bingo cards increase your chances of winning? ›

Using more bingo cards will improve your odds in the long run. If you can't find a number on one card, you might find it on another card. If you bought one ticket in a 100-ticket game your odds would be one in 100. If you have five, the odds jump to 5 in 100.

What is 66 in bingo? ›

Number 66 - Clickety click. Number 67 - Made in heaven. Number 68 - Saving grace. Number 69 - Your place or mine | The same both ways | Meal for two | Either way up.

What is 88 called in bingo? ›

Bingo is joining the 21st century as "woke millennials" ditch traditional calls such as "two fat ladies - 88" for fear of upsetting anyone. They are said to be tired of the old calls and prefer the more modern "Wills and Kate - 88".

What is 77 in bingo? ›

77. Double Hockey Sticks. If the number seven is lucky, then the number 77 has double the luck. Some bingo callers might use the term “double sevens,” “lucky sevens,” or “two little crutches” for a visual nickname.

What is the bingo capital of the US? ›

Grand Rapids, Michigan is the bingo capital of the United States due to the number of bingo games and players in the city.

Where is the birthplace of bingo? ›

Bingo originated in Italy and is descended from Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia, the Italian national lottery, which has been played since 1530.

Is bingo 100% luck? ›

They won't guarantee you a win, and unlike strategies for games like poker, they also won't guarantee that your chances of winning will keep improving. This is because bingo will always be a game of luck, and you can't get better at games of chance.

Do Brits play bingo? ›

Bingo, also previously known in the UK as Housey-Housey, became increasingly popular across the UK following the Betting and Gaming Act 1960 with more purpose-built bingo halls opened every year until 2005. Since 2005, bingo halls have seen a marked decline in revenues and the closure of many halls.

Why do Native Americans play bingo? ›

Tribal gaming, as we think of it today, dates back to the 1970s when a number of Indian tribes established bingo operations as a means of raising revenue to fund tribal government operations.

What is English blackout bingo? ›

A blackout in bingo is when you cover all the spots on your bingo card, rather than covering one finished line like you would in classic bingo. This type of bingo game is called “blackout bingo” and is often used in online bingo games.

What is the lucky charm to win bingo? ›

Troll dolls and rabbits' feet are the most common luck-bringing items, but bingo players find inspiration and hopefulness in a vast variety of baubles. Some bingo buffs bring a Beanie Baby or two; others set up elaborate shrines.

What is the fastest bingo pattern? ›

Four Corners

This pattern is used in 75 ball bingo and is often the quickest to complete as it only requires four numbers. A four corners pattern will usually need to be completed within a certain number of balls in order to win.

What is hard luck in bingo? ›

MASTER BOARD (Ball Tray) – A tray where balls are placed after being announced by the caller. MONITOR BALL (Cry # or Hard Luck #) – The bingo ball or number that is the next number out after a player yells bingo. It is usually placed in front of the camera until the winner is verified.

What does 4 corners mean in bingo scratch off? ›

If on any one of the four "CARDS 1-4," you match all numbers in a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line; four corners; or an "X" (includes eight numbers + "FREE" space), you win prize in the prize legend corresponding to that card. 5. The "MONEY BAG" symbol is a FREE spot.

What number is called most often in bingo? ›

PlayOJO's data reveals that Tom Mix – number 6 has taken the lead as the most frequently called winning Bingo number, proving it to be the luckiest number out of 90. In fact, number 6 has been called almost 300 times more than that dreaded number 13.

What is the least number called in bingo? ›

The minimum number of called numbers is five (four if each number is under "N") although it is not considered Breaking the Bubble or possible until one number in each column or four/five numbers in a single column have been called.

Do numbers repeat in bingo? ›

There are no duplicate numbers on a Bingo card. There are about 155 × 145 × 135 × 125 × 11 4 possible arrangements of the numbers on a bingo card. Before the game starts, each player is given a Bingo card. The game also has a "caller", who issues a list of all the integers between 1 and 75 in random order.

How do you play bingo in England? ›

The UK ticket has 15 numbers and three rows. You have to mark all the numbers on a line to have a win. When a player marks a line of five numbers completely, he or she has to shout Bingo! and the claim is checked.

Can you make a living playing bingo? ›

Although Bingo Cash does let you play bingo for cash, the game won't make you rich. These types of game apps often require a large investment of time or money (or both) to earn a lot of money.

Do you have to pay tax on bingo winnings UK? ›

The short answer is no—your gambling winnings aren't taxable, at least in the UK. Here you won't have to pay taxes on any of your winnings or stakes. It doesn't matter if you've won £100 or £1 million. This applies to all types of gambling—from bingo, to slots, to lotteries, and even horse racing.

Who mostly plays bingo? ›

Nearly as many men (43%) play Bingo as women (57%); however, women play the game more often. Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. It originated in Italy in 1530 as a game called, “Le Lotto”.

Do you need a license to play bingo UK? ›

When you need a licence. Generally, you need a licence from us to provide bingo to players for commercial gain in Great Britain. You must have a licence if you want to run any kind of online or 'remote' bingo, such as using gambling websites and apps. Your licence must cover the appropriate activity.

Why is bingo so addictive? ›

According to the research, playing bingo is a factor to release dopamine because when you play the game, the mood stabilizer serotonin (or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)) crosses your brain, boosting your urge to stick to the game.

Where do bingo halls get their money? ›

Patrons are charged a certain price for each bingo card they play in exchange for the chance to win a prize; if the parlor aims to make money, the cost or amount of that prize should be less than the amount generated from card sales.

Is tombola bingo fixed? ›

All games on tombola are randomly generated and cannot be pre-determined. We use an industry standard Random Number Generator to determine the results of each game. This ensures that the game is of the high quality that you would expect from tombola.

Is online bingo legal in UK? ›

Legality of playing online in the UK

UK residents may legally play bingo, online casino games, scratch cards, and daily fantasy games. However, they must ensure that the sites they choose have a legitimate license from the gaming commission.

What is bingo called in England? ›

Bingo, also previously known in the UK as Housey-Housey, became increasingly popular across the UK following the Betting and Gaming Act 1960 with more purpose-built bingo halls opened every year until 2005. Since 2005, bingo halls have seen a marked decline in revenues and the closure of many halls.

Why is bingo popular in the UK? ›

Many punters have locked themselves up in their homes and preferred to stay indoors rather than go out and risk their lives. This increased the popularity of online bingo as punters were eager to gamble on the game and the availability of popular online betting platforms offered an easy avenue for them.

What is bingo called in America? ›

Bingo has had many names and variations. The earliest name, lotto (or loto), a children's game, was first recorded in 1778. The original American form, called keno, kino, or po-keno, dates from the early 19th century.

Do you say bingo when you win? ›

The winner is the first person to cover five spaces in a row — vertical, horizontal or diagonal — in basic Bingo. Shout “BINGO” when you get five marks in a row. Your card will be checked and if correct, you win the jackpot!

What is bingo etiquette? ›

Keep the noise down. While bingo is a social game, chatter is not welcomed during play. If you are new and get confused during a game, try to make sure the questions you ask are said quickly and quietly. If you are simply itching to chat with your partner, hold on and wait until one of the breaks.

How do you play European bingo? ›

To play Bingo (European mode), 90 numbered balls and at least one bingo card per player are required. Each card has 15 numbers divided into 3 rows (5 numbers per row). The goal of the game is to be the first to complete 1 line, 2 lines and the entire card (bingo) as the balls come out.


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